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My favourite animals (Мои любимые животные)

I like animals and I have got a cat, a dog and a parrot at home. I take care of my pets feeding them. I spend much time with my animals.

The cat's name is Murka. She is little and black. The cat has got a small nose, big green eyes and a nice tail. Murka is a gay cat and I like to play with my cat at home. Murka prefers to sit under the table in the kitchen or to lie on the carpet in my room. My cat likes to purr sitting near me.

Some years ago my mother brought a dog into our house. It was a grey small puppy. I liked it very much. Now it is a big dog. It is a sheep-dog. His name is Dick. There is short hair on his body. The tail of my dog is long. I go for a walk with my dog three times a day and I do it with pleasure. I teach my dog to give me his paw. Sometimes the dog does it well.

I have got a parrot at home. It is a blue and gay bird. His name is Kesha. Our bird is three years old. He can speak, but only a little.

When my friends come to see me I show them my pets.

I like wild animals too. I can see them at the Zoo. Every summer my parents and go to the Zoo to look at them.

It is interesting to watch monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, wolves, foxes, bears and many other animals at the Zoo. I like films about animals too.

My favourite wild animals are brow bears.

I have read a lot of books about bears. They like honey and sleep in their lairs sucking their paws in winter.


1. tail - хвост
2. gay – веселый (будьте осторожны с этим словом J)
3. parrot - попугай
4. sheep-dog - овчарка
5. paw - лапа
6. pleasure – удовольствие
7. pet - любимец
8. purr - мурлыкать
9. domestic - домашний (о животных)
10. wild - дикий
11. feed - кормить
12. lair - берлога
13. suck - сосать


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